27 July 2009

Farrakhan reveals new details on Michael Jackson's life

On Sunday 26th, 2009 I was given the an invite to hear and see Minister Louis Farrakhan speak on“The crucifixion of Michael Jackson and other Black Leaders". I couldn't make it out to the Mosque here in Washington DC, but i watch it by via web cast.I know most people don't like or care to understand the ways and actions of Louis Farrakhan nor care to know about the followers of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and his teachings. By me being RastaFari and reading the studying different cultures. I have learn to be humble and to listen when truth is being spoken. Minister Louis Farrakhan spoke some much needed words and gave the whole world an ear full. We only have a Few Great Black Leaders left among us (Dr. Pastor Ray Haggins , Dr. Llaila O. Afrika and Minister Louis Farrakhan) and those are a few that stick out in my mind, that care about the Liberation of a people especially Black People.The One thing that Farrakhan said that made me think was "Do you have a Messianic Voice"?

In the Words of KRS-ONE "Im not Muslim but i do support them,My father in Heaven taught me and taught them."!!!! "CLICK THE TITLE TO READ THE MESSAGE"

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