24 July 2009

Thought about My Father Today

Today (July 24th) I was sitting at my desk surfing the net looking for a particular Marvin Gaye song that I wanted DJ Earth 1ne to play at a upcoming show.I googled "Marvin Gaye's" name and the song. I stumble across the website "Amazon.com" here is where everything you're looking for is kinda at your finger tips. They have a section or a store for Marvin Gaye's music such as: Albums,MP3's and collectibles joints that you cant get in anywhere else. I began to click and listen to certain tracks from different albums and it dawn on me. Marvin Gaye and my father "Alfred Wikins" look alike ( something i always said). I mean my dad wasn't a singer, but he had that aura of Marvin. I started to feel sad because my dad died (transition) when i was real young.To be honest my dad was murdered ( i might discuss that in another blog post). I do recall what my dad look like. I do recall his voice.I do recall him being very funny in his worse condition,but sitting here at my desk i started wishing he was here. I started wishing i was able to pick up the phone and call him. So i called my mother. I began to tell her the strange feeling i have every time i see a picture of Marvin Gaye. It's not so much of the music but the aura. She understood/overstand and agree with me.She suggested that i seek out to find a early picture of my dad from his wife.She also mention their lives was kinda similar. Her and my dad dated but never married.

Wow..even when i type this blog i feel the presences of him right. He has never came to me in any of my dreams,but has came to visit in my moms dreams...So maybe just maybe he speaks to me through music,rhymes and the artist outer world. Since he too was an musician. That's it!!. I finally got the message CLEAR today. Overstanding that Marvin and my Father are African Ancestors. He may tap into Marvin to get to me.

***I do have a picture of him and my moms together. I will try and post that picture sometime this week****

Notes: Marvin Transition when I was 11 years old 1984
My Father "Alfred Wikins" Transition when i was 14 years old 1987

If you add-up the ages: 11+14=26 (this is the Year i was going through my Spritual Change 1999) was introduce to RastaFari...2+6=8 (was my Build/Destory year)

July 25th::: DJ Earth 1ne and Myself will be performing at Marvin Gaye Park in Washington DC....@ the Capital Hiphop Soul Fest...WOW....


  1. thanks so much for sharing that...very heartfelt

  2. CHHSF "Give Thanks you" for giving artist a platform to be heard. Like I said "I felt the energy of Marvin Gaye that day".

    Give thanks to you too Kahz for reading it.