09 February 2010

Let US REMOVE the Veil

February 5th, 2010 before the massive snow hit the Washington,DC area. I was at my desk surfing the net and came across this picture.Something click and i began to dig deeper into the picture. In the top right hand corner, i place the year in which the artist began showing the sign (The pyramid it's the over seeing eye of Heru or Horus).

Do you think MCLyte is aware of the sign she's throwing up? let's travel down the rabbit hole shall we?.

Name: Lana Michele "MCLyte" Moorer the last name may be of Moorish bloodline.

ex: The description Moors has referred to several historic and modern populations of Muslim (and earlier non-Muslim) people of Berber, Black African and Arab descent from North Africa, some of whom came to conquer and occupy the Iberian Peninsula for nearly 800 years.

MCLyte is a Notable member of Simga Gamma Rho (ΣΓΡ) she is what's called an Honorary member. She didn't Pledge (made an oath to keep any sercets) she didn't cross the burning sands.Masons would ask the blindfolded candidate this question.

Question: How did you come by foot or Camel?
Answer: by way of CAMEL..

Now if you say by foot then you are considered a BEAST...

Did MCLyte cross the Burning Sands?
Does she attend the Boule' meetings?
Why do all Black Fraternities and sororities learn the Greek alphabets?
Why not the Kemetic Language?

side note: The GREEKS are the ones who rape our Ancient African Ancestors of their names,philosophy,religion,language,land and even change the names of OUR Gods and Goddess. Now how in the HELL can we have black fraternities and sororities reciting Greek alphabets...smh

Peep the Skull and Crossbones on the bottom of the Simga Gamma Rho shield.Now why would seven school teachers the founders of Simga Gamma Rho have a Skull and Crossbones on the shield? This Image represents nothing but DEATH

I have research that 85% of people who pledge black fraternities and sororities become Mason or Eastern Stars.

We know the History on Jay Z weather people want to believe it or NOT..

Do the Knowledge (research).

I have a few close friends/family members that are part of black fraternities and sororities,but no matter what i still love and respect them. This was not a personal attack on Simga Gamma Rho, MCLyte or any other elite group. I did this to wake up the sleeping minds of the some people. I Give Thanks for the road that Mc Lyte pave for all female artists (emcees) but sometime we must "Peep them symbols/ devils wanna see us fall like Angels"-Enoch 7th Prophet (ElectrikSoLForce)


  1. the dumb deaf and blind arent ready for this yet. KEEP SHINING THEY CANT SQUINT FOREVER>

  2. moorer does not equal moor. moorer is an english name of gaelic origin. but that's almost besides the point since she her ancestors most likely picked up that name from their oppressors. for all your talk of knowledge, you don't seem to have much of it.

  3. Anonymous Stop being a Coward and create a name show we can have a upscale convo. Seems to me your are using the same IP address.
    Moor is NOT of Scottish origin...

    I said:

    "Name: Lana Michele "MCLyte" Moorer the last name may be of Moorish bloodline."
    KEY WORD was MAYBE....