03 March 2010

3/3: Jay-Z's "Blueprint" Tour Comes to DC (a Short Ply by Ply)

3/3/2010=33.3 (It’s not crazy that Jay-Z tour came to DC on 3/3 …) Remember you cant Reach the 33 degree in Masonry without Blood being shed.
I Saw JAY-Z in Concert 13 years ago.

On BP3 Tour
Young Jeezy
Trey songz

These are Raw notes from my BB to this Blog.

Stood in line saw uptown XO an emcee in the Washington DC area. @uptownxo (twitter page).
Got to the door NO FULL security check.

First up was Trey songz. Great o stage presence. The new R.Kelly....Wale hits the stage with "Pretty Girls"...the crowd goes crazy....do be surprise that Wale is there. He is on Jay-Z's publishing....

Ppl get serious about their favorite artist. A few fans are sitting behind us (Earth and I). Trey calls a few women up on stage and the ladies behind us get heated. Cause it aunt them!! Lol c'mon son! We on (name row seats) the other ladies are front row and center...he is called the Prince of RNB...he could leave the stage w/o taking his shirt off....

:: Intermission:::

A brother ((my ppl)) taking bout smoking and pulls out a blunt a backwood to be correct. Lights up and began to smoke!!!! Weed in the Verizon Center...***niggah moment** YOU CANT SMOKE WEED IN THE VERIZON CENTER
Jay is rocking!

Person gets thrown off stage and shall we say PUSH off Stage by Bodyguard and after hitting the floor receives knee in the neck and handcuffed.
Memphis bleek on stage

Hypnotizing joint flashes on screen on the song called “the ROC"

Young jeezy has taking the stage for a moment. So I decided to sit down... and think about something else.......................ok...jeezy has on big ass chains...I BOOOOOOOOOOO his entire performance. Sorry. Because he rhymed over his own lyrics...damn didn't u write the song!!

Jay Z comes back and does classic Material for 97'
Overall I had a good time...It was FREE TIXS!!!!!

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