14 March 2010


March 13, 2010 on a rainy cool Saturday night. I sojourn out to a stage play presented by Artsperts entitled "The Breakthrough" written by Melissa "Princess of Controversy" Best-Nichols a native Washingtonian. This play was well promoting for months,weeks and days. I got an email about the development of the play months before most people did. It all started out with a casting call and a Thought..............

When I arrived 705pm at the Capital Arts Workshop Building(545 7th Street SE WDC) I was greeted with a beautiful Black Smile given by a sister that welcomed me to the show (I paid $20 bucks) and was escorted by another Beautiful Black sister that showed me to my seat. I must remind the reader that this play started on time and I was Late as I took my assign seat I was amazed by how the actors/actress captured the hearts and minds of the audience.

Wow, what more can say about this excellent play that gave the viewers more then they bargain for with music,love,life,sexual content,Adult Language and thought provoking questions that challenge your intellect. The most amazing thing was the visional effects that was given btw each scene which I thought was a much needed touch. It seem to take your mind; inside the minds of the Artist(s) Spiritual Quest of what he/she faces on the path of "The Starving Artist".....

Play by Play of "The Breakthrough" (program)

Day1: Growing Up, Breaking Through Blocks
Day:2 On Having a J.O.B
Day3: Just You Thought the Page was Blank
Day4: Love is Like Quick Sand


Day5: Redemption Song
Day6: The Art of Religion (part 1)
Day7: Walking by Faith, Not Fear (part 2)
Day8: BREAKTHROUGH: A New Beginning

I am glad I attended !!! The play was about 2 hrs. but it didn't seem long or long enough..I expect to see a part 2. There was a line in the DAY 7: "Walking by Faith,Not by Fear" when "Princess" was Auditioning for a part with "DJ" a character played by Kofi Owusu and the "Director" played by Ashley Morgaine Lowe said " The Consciouses have no place at the dinner table". That struck a chord because we DON'T!! have a seat at the table of those who Steal his/her sold or Sell OUT for a money that note with SHIT anyways....

Inclusion, Princess of Controversy was always debuting her Sophomore album called "Soul Hop" which was worked beautifully into the play to make this production more meaningful. The Break Through showed you that anything is possible if you but God and The ANCESTORS first and "BE WHO" you are destiny to BE....

I give the Production 5 stars and another Star for Princess of Controversy working through the malfunction that happen on the set. I applaud you for keeping it moving.

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