20 April 2010

Guru Passed Away After Hard Battle With Cancer, R.I.P.

Born Name: Keith ( on the mathical side its) 11+5+9+20+8= 8
Re-Born Name: GURU ( Gifted Unlimited Rhymes Universal) now that’s 7+21+18+21=4
Age of Transition: 43 (4+3=7)
Left the Physical Plane: 19th of April (1+9=10) 1+0=1
April: Represents the 4th month or culture in the language of the Gods and Earths.

Guru has been telling us that he was (Gifted Unlimited and His Rhymes are Universal) right?
the 4 represents: the Month of April being the 4th month. His birth name was telling us he was born to be infint which the 8 represent. Now if you take both of the 8's and add them you will get 16. Now add 1+6=7. In which the number 7 appears in G(of Guru) . Giving us the message that God is infinity and Universal.

Yes, it is a sad day in Our history of Hiphop Culture. In the whole spiritual essence of it all Guru left us message within the music. Guru music will live 4ever its Infinity (8) and Universal. Gang Starr will remain the dopest Hiphop Group of Our Generation and our babies generation. This makes Keith/Guru an Afrikan Ancestor…….

By writing this down (for me) makes me feel better. It make me continue to Love and respect myself,friend,family and love ones. It even make me to continue to elevate the conscious of my people.

We won't Forget Dorothy Height either. I will break that down on the next blog!

(Health is Wealth)

When i saw this cover i Cried This cover holds a deep message...WOW...


  1. Peace Enoch

    Gangstarr was one of the most revelatory Hip Hop groups of our generation. Their music will certainly live forever in the hearts and minds of all true Hip Hop Heads.



  2. May the God rest in peace. Thank you for sharing the numbers and for the enlightenment.

  3. been crying all day

    earth 1ne
    the dj