05 August 2010

Almaz Resturant and Lounge RESPONSE! to Open Letter

posted to my FACEBOOK FANPAGE!!! on 8/5/10 (Read what Almaz Demissie wrote compare the two stories)

This is the Almaz Restaurant management/owner Almaz Demissie aka Nunu , first of all i was surprised to see this post yesterday specially coming from a client that i have had the chance to work with many times before and know at least to resolve these kinds of misunderstandings in person rather than on a blog. Since there are two sides of a story i have to respond with regard to what happened. When I spoke with Toney Smith mid july i asked him about a show that he had scheduled for the end of that month and he had told me that it was cancelled but in addition to that he proposed if i can reserve every last wednesday of each month coming so he can host a charity event. I told him thats fine with me but he would have to confirm with me before the beginning of August. We did not discuss any other details.

On August 2nd I called him because someone had scheduled a show on the date that he wanted me to reserve for him. Since he hadn't called back i was trying to let him know prior so he can maybe find another venue in time, until the 25th of August. When i called him that day he was under the impression that the date was still reserved for him but he still suggested to do the event upstairs, i couldn't handle another event upstairs in addition to the one i had on the first floor so i didn't agree, he just said okay and hung up. The next time i read about this was on this letter and i am sorry that people just run with a story and it is true these days. Usually i have an agreement that i have clients sign prior to hosting an event about details but this client and i had worked so many times that we didn't need any. I had thought that the same had worked for the way we communicate and he would come to me with the questions as to why the event was cancelled. There was no miscommunication on my part. I need confirmation in order to keep events from being cancelled by the hosts of those events so they won't cancel last minute. And again both sides of the story should be told before judgement is made about the issue.

Thank you

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