20 October 2010

FREE MUMIA on (NOV 9,2010)

LLJA:(Long Live John Africa)

On my last blog i shared my experience about the Mumia Rally in Philly on 10|9|2010.I talked about the certain elite group (European Union) that was in council about the DEATH PENALTY in the United States and around the world. During that meeting ONLY 2 person(s) name kept coming up and that was "MUMIA ABUL-JAMAL" and a brother in Baltimore Maryland whose name slip me at this moment ( keep in my i am at work writing this blog, something i always do on the job anyways). These 2 brothers are victims of injustices system in AmeriKKKa because doesn't show that MUMIA killed a cop.

On Nov. 9, 2010 will determine if MUMIA gets FREEDOM or DEATH!! this is and will be a crucial TIME in history either way it goes. People from all over the world interested in the outcome of this case will be be glued to the CNN coverage ( if any) and or in Philly (6th & Market street).

I wrote this in a rhyme a long time ago:
" we want equal rights in this concrete jungle
we be rumbling with modern Babylon
wars in the middle east over nuclear weapons
some fight for money
INI fight for FREEDOM!!!!!"

LET's hold up the FIGHT FOR MUMIA!!! keep flooding the internet waves about the injustices in Amerikkka being done to people...

write if you can:....I did...
Mumia Abu-Jamal
AM 8335
Sci GReene
175 Progress Dr.
Wanyesburg, PA 15370

1. Make sure you take it to the POST Office
2. Get it weighed
3. Get confirmation that way you will know it got delivered if not you can file a civil suit against the Post Office.....

-Enoch EL-Shamesh

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