06 September 2011

The Day DC Shook......

Today 8/23/11 the start of the Zodiac Virgo and the end of the Leo Zodiac. I woke up this AM around 8:30am to meet up with a person to get an estimate on a dry wall job at 9:30am. The person never showed up and I wait til 10:20am. I began to walk back to the metro and decided to go pick a few things from the local whole foods market, but my spirit told be to head home. I followed my spirit home. While I'm headed home I'm going back and fourth with an idiot on twitter (doesn't really matter what she was ranting and crying about)...I arrived home about 12:25pm to realize that the showing of MARTIN L. KING statue was being shown....

note to self*
I got an email from a good friend about Rolling stones magazine proclaiming the rapper Eminem to be the "KING OF HIPHOP" 

(JayZ / K.West Album is called "WATCH THE THRONE") while LiL Wayne is number #2 and drake #3..
note to self* , but prior to that I read that President Obama didn't grant "Marcus Mosiah Garvey" a pardon..note to self*

On the phone about 1:47pm talking with a friend at 1:50pm my living room starts shaking real soft and it began to pick up speed and we both said "EARTHQUAKE"

.........this is the day in the life of a artist/father/friend/uncle/son/brother/grandson and husband....

Note to Self:
Mercury is WAS still in Retrograde (3days left)
The News spoke of a HURRICANE called IRENE....Hon. Marcus Gravey said.."Catch me in the whirlwind"

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