11 November 2011

Heavy D Inspires a young child....

Grammy Nominated for Best Reggae Album"Vibez" released Dec 2008

The year was 1985 a little redhead chubby, fat, husky boy was the butt end of all the jokes from kids in school. No matter what the topic was it would always fall back on this young little boy at the age of 11. His Mother and Grandmother would continue to tell him to ignore it, that God made him perfect and one day he would have the last laugh or find away to turn the table on them. Hearing that from his loved ones was great, but not good enough at time until 1987 a overweight lover by the name of Heavy D hit the young boy's life in a major way. He saw a Big GUY who was very agile and light on his feet when it came to dancing. "Ummmm" the young boy thought to himself of the possibility that Heavy D was the answer to his Fat Boy problem. So he followed the rapper's career, buying or stealing any music that Heavy D was related with including the album that made him a HUGE fan/supporter:
Platinum Album "Big Tyme" release July 1989
Heavy D made it known that just because he was big he could still compete with the best of them. Whether it was dancing, or rhyming Heavy D was the first big rapper to spit game while making you dance in a 3 piece suit. The young boy was amazed to see how the ladies love "Heavy D" because of his suave appearance and confidence in his weight. At the tender age of 21 years old he began dressing himself in the same clothes like the entertainer "Heavy D" would wear. He even began cutting his hair in the same style of the rapper. He recalls his grandma buying him a pair of paten leather shoes with the steel tips.*shown in this album cover* 

Just wanted to take a photo with this outfit on.. Sept 1994
The rapper "Heavy D" made it easier on him to accept the chubby husky element of his life.....Growing up in a christian home only two things could be played, "Gospel Music" and "Heavy D and the Boys" based off the shear fact he didn't rap foul language in any of his songs.

Pushing forward to Nov 8th, 2011 late in the evening the 37 year old was BBM'ed (blackberry Message) the news that his favorite artist that inspired his musical life and self esteem died...The weird thing about life is...He was just talking about "Heavy D" one night before, about how much of an impact he "is" in the game and what he brought to the table as an artist and a person. The very same day on learning about his transition the 37 year old was listening to "VIBEz" Heavy D's 2010 release........

In conclusion I wanted to say Heavy D didn't not have to sell out to make people love him. He stuck to what he believed in. Check his collection of music to hear not ONE curse word, not one song calling a women a Bitch or a hoe, not one lyric about how many keys of dope he sold. Then ask yourself how can I have "Heavy D" integrity...

      By the way the story was about ME-Enoch
The suit game has elevated....2011

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