19 March 2012

Dont throw it away

Have you seen the Hollywood movie called "Solent Green" starring Charleston Heston if not please go rent it or just buy a copy. The premises of the black and white movie was about food supply, the poor versus the rich. I was told by an elder that the government never throws anything away or lets just say the Food and Beverage companies don't!. Do you understand what I'm saying? If not check the FLAVOR.

During the times of physical enslavement that our African ancestors endured, they were fed the worest part of the hog i.e. Pigs feet,pigs guts,pigs nose the list goes on and one and im making myself sick just by talking bout it. The point I'm trying to make is that; the slave master never threw any of the food away. So the same concepts and ideas apply today with physical free people of all colors and ethic backgrounds.

I read in a brief article
how PEPSI is using human fetus to flavor their soft drinks did you hear me! human fetal tissue, which are used in Pepsi products as well as products produced by Kraft and Nestle (http://www.naturalnews.com).


Gene- deals with biology
Gen- new beginning

Web definitions:
Senomyx (Ticker symbol: SNMX) is an American biotechnology company working towards developing additives to make foods taste and smell better

the most dangerous person is the chemist.

READ it for yourself then I guess you will believe me.


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