12 July 2009

DC City Paper goes Hard!!

Give Thanks!!!!
I was coming back from lunch today (Tuesday July 9th, 2009) and was amaze to see a Headline about Marion Barry..I rush to take a photo, so i could post this on my Face book page. I wanted to see how other peoples reactions. Some replies thought it was a photo shop job, others was like "what paper is this?" and most vented their feelings about Barry and the City Paper. Answer this Question?....When Bill Clinton was caught getting his penis sucked how did the media word it?. Look how the writer captured his readers attention. If you look closer; the sub caption reads "Loose Lips". I Stress to the people of the universe...KEEP your eye (3rd) open.. The Devil is not playing.... What has the Writer "Mike DeBonis" have to gain in all of this?...

Staff Writers Name is : Mike DeBonis

"If you want to Complain about how this was presented to the public. Send emails to the e-mail address below

Mental note: I am not protecting Marion Berry..I know the elder has been dealing with personal issues,but damn enough is enough.....no matter what the Devil Media Prints...the People still Love this Man...We saw this with Michael Jackson and how the media tried to discredit him.

PS. I read the inside report and its just telling her side. On the other hand the City Paper "Did move Units that day"

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