11 July 2009

How can People Get "Data Frequency"?

On June 6th 2009 the birth of my fourth creation was given to the HipHop Community. The name of my creations are as follows: Fickle-Mind ep 1998 (Produced by El-Ra iz Fonk-C),7th Prophet ep 2004 (Produced by El-Ra iz Fonk-C), Tone Scientizt Lp 2006 (Produced by El-Ra iz Fonk-C) and now Data Frequency 2009 (Produced by King Cee). My Public Relations Team Mira Connectionz

http://www.miraconnextionz.net/ along with Tyrone Norris ( http://www.dcrap.com/) create an aura around this new born idea that was about to face the world for the first time ever. Doing the process of calling artist to preform. I had an idea to NOT go matrix ( cdbaby,itune or any other media stream to get this wonderful project to the people). So i decided to take the Revolutionary Route and sell hand to hand. This gives me an great opportune to meet and greet the people ( not Fans or Supporters) , but people of all shapes,sizes,colors,young,old and race. I wanted to know where my 4th born was going. I wanted to know my people base. I could do the Download for Free route because i felt that doing such a thing don't give me an actual count of people who are interested in this project. Trust me i have sent out plenty of emails with older stuff i done for FREE Downloads. Chex the video on how to get a Copy of DATA FREQUENCY.....$5........either hard copy or electronic copy (http://www.miraconnextionz.net/enoch.html) Give Thanks!!!!!

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