21 July 2009

Do you Really Love ya WIFE? IF so then...

Please help me to Understand and Overstand your Frame of THINKING! I know what it feels like to see or hear momma giving the 1,2 put on her (well in his case he got the 1,2 put on him cuz mom dukes wasn't having that shit.), but i really cram to see what makes you feel so GOOD about beating or hitting on a Woman.You claim you love her?.Does that make you feel like a MAN? I have heard stories of MEN Beating on their wives in front of their children and how the children would cry and scream for Daddy to stop beating Mommy..Sometimes if Mommy was not around DAD would beat on the children for no reason.Leaving them with missing teeth,black eyes or even DEATH!!!. I Heard of Muslim men (so-called) beating on their Wives,Police officers (who should be serving and protecting us),State Troopers ( who should be keeping an EYE out for drunk drivers),Preachers and Pastors (Who should be feeding his church the WORD of GOD),ect..etc..etc.. This is really some bullshit and i feel the need to speak on it. There comes a time in a persons life that enough is enough!! who WILL STAND!! Do the male child copy behavior when they become older? Do the female-child accept this has a sign that a man loves her? Data Free-Quency note: Women are the True Gods...they Give Birth to planets,music and children. So We has Men must RESPECT-n- Protect them and preserve our future... I wrote this 2007

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  1. i will never understand what goes thru the mind of a guy who beats his woman. nor will i ever understand how any woman could ever be ok with her man hitting her.

    i can *kinda* understand how an abused woman may be programmed to stay with her abuser, simply because she's afraid to leave and thus anger the guy and end up gettin beat up again. but i do NOT understand how some women manage to get *away* from their abuser, and then go right back to him.