19 July 2009

Living among the DEAD..

On Saturday afternoon I took a wonderful & enlighting bike ride with DJ Earth 1ne. During our travels we stop at a local ice cream place in Takoma Park, MD. After feeding our face on vegan ice cream we continue to enjoy the rest of the evening. Now it's about 630pm and we started around 4pm or so.We ended up riding in a cemetery called St. Paul's Rock Creek Cemetray http://www.rockcreekparish.org/pages/Our_Cemetery:_History right off New Hampshire ave & Allison Street. My first thought was "Why the hell are we in a damn cemetery riding our bikes?". My second thought was Micheal Jackson's "Thriller".Earth assure me that it wasn't dark enough to even think about that song(LMAO).We got off our bikes to take a closer look at a few heads stones. Most we saw were written in Greek or Latin. I also seen a lot of Free Masonry and Eastern Star Headstones(almost all the damn plots i saw had that stamp). To be honest the bike ride through the cemetery was very peaceful.Earth brought it to my attention that we were standing on the highest point of the cemetery in Washington, DC.After the bike ride. I had to self reflect about the entire journey through the cemetery. I can to realize that Earth and I were the living among the Dead. Let me help you ( the reader) understand my logic. People are Mentality Dead in today's society and don't even know it.We don't cherish life of our love ones until he/she is gone off this physical plane..So if you have the chance to ride your bike with a love one. Take a scroll through the cemetery and get that feeling of inner peace while you are yet alive among the mental/spiritual dead...


  1. This was such a peacful ride after the Saturday I had.

  2. Yes, Ithought is was a very good day to end a bike ride...