21 August 2009

Re-Cap of the DMV vrs. NJ Battle

August 15, 2009 the place to be was Almaz Restaurant and Lounge in Washington, DC. This was a Monumental occasion DMV v. NJ Producer Battle. The aim was to do something different and bring about networking. Doing the weeks and months leading up to this event. While conducting meetings with DJ Priority of MTP in New Jersey and Toney Tone of Vintage Vibez in DC. We decided on eight (8) producers and how to make this event a Van glorious one. Just incase some of you couldn’t come, wouldn’t come, didn’t show support because you wasn’t in the battle. Here are the eight (8) producers

NJ::: Def Dom, Young Roc, DJ Mentplus, Sincere,

DC::: Surock, Nick da 1der, Ardemus, Solograph

The day of the event I get a text message from DJ Priority that states: “Def Dom” can’t make it so I have a replacement; his name is “Drumah” …..Then 2hrs later I get another text message saying: “Sincere” drop out and our replacement is “Mighty Joe”…We texting each other back and fourth taking mad shit…its all in FUN. I told him that “Ya’ll must got that bail out money form OBAMA.hahahahaha… I get to the venue and all the judges are there. DJ Earth 1ne is setting up the decks along with DJ Max-Jerome (NJ) and the owner says that we can’t start until 10pm. Damn…damn…shit…We was told that we could sound check at 10pm and it’s 1025pm.

Producer for NJ has changed.
NJ: Young Roc, DJ Mentplus, Mighty Joe (Drumah did a no call no show)

So now it’s three(3) against four (4). You must understand that this battle must still and will go on...olol…lol...no matter how unbalanced it may appear. I’m not going to give a play by play of this Producer battle….swary… I will tell you what and who you missed.

Before the 2nd round began we had guest performers to rock the Mic & Turntables:
Broken English (murder the set); DJ Earth1ne and DJ Max-Jerome gave us classic material ranging from Biggie to Artifacts. Enoch 7th Prophet even performed and asks Emperess to perform “Addutide” from her Out the Box mix tape and Princess of Controversy to perform “D.O.A.” (Death of Auto mute)……The action is somewhere on YouTube, Face book or MySpace.

Big up to the Judges that Pick the Winner…

Darngood of Kapital Magazine and ½ of Den’d Productions
Clara T Street singer/song writer
Jessica Solomon founder of Saarija project
DJ Fusion founder of Fuse box radio
DJ Monty producer/Deejay
Emperess photographer/emcee

2nd Place::: Mighty JOE (NJ)

1st. Place:::: Surock (DC)

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