17 August 2009

Happy Earth Day to .......

Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey Jr. (1887-1940)
Black Nationalist Leader, Journalist, Orator

One Year ago I was talking to my daughter Basia who is an advocate reader of anything under the Sun. We began to talk about how great each other were because of our astroloical sign we shared. I advised her to read a book about a man named "Marcus Gravey" who too was a Leo.

We the Rastafarian people celebrate the Life and times of Marcus Mosiah Gravey. He was physically born August 17, 1887 and his spirit continues to live on after the time of his exit from us. No matter what some think and thought about this man. InI will continue to share the impact that he had on the world to the youth.

Recently, I spoke with Basia to ask if she finished reading the book and her was reply was “yes it was very interesting to know what he did” and she is now 13 years old fired up about how the school system just teaches her about Malcolm X and Martin Luther King.

“Look for me in the Whirl Wind”

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