14 August 2009

Doctor is Fired Over Donuts!!

wHolistic Health is the KEY to LIFE. I have study the science behind my life and what i eat for about 10years and still learning. I recently obtain my wHolistic Health Consulting Certification
in March 2009 from the Imhotep of African wHolistic Health "Dr. Llaila Afrika". After going through intense training and studying. I wanted to focus my healing practise on family,love ones and the HIPHOP Community. Needless to say the HIPHOP Community is not really interested in health. So i focus my attention on those who really and Truly wanted assistant. NOW!!! after looking at the state of Health in the United States of America people seem to talk HEALTH serious NOW...Ummm after the News and other European Doctors tell US (Blacks) to stop eating this and that....People want to listen NOW!!! Fla. "Dr. Jason Newsom" fired over 'doughnuts equal death' sign

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