14 August 2009

Machine Gun Rap

Machine Gun Rap Shit!. Yes you read the title correct. I believe it was the Month of May 2009. I was on my weekly bike ride through the smooth paths of Hyattsville Maryland. When I received a call from the dopest,uncut and rawess artist in the game by the name of MadamMadon (Washington DC). The call was direct and to the point. She began to talk about a show I did at Haydees Nightclub (Washington,DC) and was very impressed by my stage show deliverance and the content of my rhymes. During the conversation she began to talk about a mix tape called "Benning Rd. Bomber" and wanted to know if i would feature on a track titled "MACHINE GUN RAP". When I heard her verse. I called her back and was like " You sure you want me on this record because you Murder this joint"..Her was response was like "Hell yeah Enoch"...

I am Very humble to have place my spirit on this Record.

and this is the outcome of the Mix tape and the record we did together.


1. Intro
2. Im So Tired
3. Cant Stop Me Remix
4. Theme Music FT. Daren Jospeh
5. Get At Me
6. Tomorrow Aint Promised ft Hood & Response
7. Lord Have Mercy
8. Bonafide
9. Bennin Rd Bomber
10. PSA
11. No Choice
12. Interlude
13. Come Wit Me
14. Machine Gun Rap FT Enoch 7th Prophet
15. Let Me Know
16. Love Knock Down (RMX)
17. Hottest Bitch freestyle
18. Reality Check FT Sage
19. Cut Him Off
20. Hey Hey Baby
21. All My Life Freestyle
22. Sell Me Your Soul
23. Outro

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