28 August 2009

IMAGE is EveryThing..right ?

On Sunday August 23, 2009. My wife to be and I took a walk to the her neighborhood corner market. This particular market was in middle of the neighborhood in which she lived. So while she shop around looking for a certain type of lentil bean. She pointed out this box of tea with a weird looking IMAGE on it. Below is the Box of tea. Please look in the right hand corner of the box.

The Root word is Greek meaning Chamomile
Chamomile or camomile (from Greek χαμαίμηλον, chamaimēlon, meaning "earth-apple"[1]) is a common name for several daisy-like plants. The word, a combination of χαμαί (chamai) "on the ground" + μῆλον (mēlon) "apple", derives from their apple like scent. It has been used as a dye to produce a green color.[citation needed]

NOW WHY didn't the company use a Flower or APPLE as the Image for this ITEM. All these researchers in the world and smart-ass dumb people. Someone should have said "NO we cant sell this product with this image on it!". I must remind you again. This Food Market is a black neighborhood ......

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