09 September 2009

New Life

Today's Date is (9) month of September (9) day the year 2009. In today's Health section of the Data Free-Quency blog. I would like to give my insight on the numbers of today and what I think it means. (Hint: the WORD "I" Think (Man-I-Fest)I want to make it known that numbers play an important role in your growth pro-cess. Our body reads as numbers from PH balance to DNA samples. It seems strange to some that today is 9/9/9because most are looking at the numbers as 6/6/6 ..hmmm see how its easy to be taught bad/evil thinking. Well, its kinda hard to think positive thoughts in a Demonic World,but just for once today lets focus on the POSITIVE.

If we look at the number 6 with a clear 3rd EYE view. You can notice the six(6) looks like a woman carrying a unborn child. Look real close.. 6.

Now lets look at the number 9 with the same EYE view. You notice the woman has giving birth to the unborn child.
Selah {which means to reflect or think)

So here in Washington, DC (DMV) its slightly raining. The rain MAY signify the (Mother Earth) Woman giving birth to New Ideas,Thoughts,Life,Energies and Spirits. The Rain can also mean a cleansing period for the Woman (Earth)..

In Order to make mySELF clear. I Must allow the reader to grab an empty glass to get pour Water from the pitcher. While pouring yourSELF a glass of water began to focus on self and the concept of re-birth.

READY lets drink the Water together::::::

1+8= 9

2+7= 9

While you began to drink the water and quench YOUR Thrist. Holisticly speaking the number 9 is a re-birthing number a Life/Born number. Making everything we say and do (manifest) Man-i-fest into knowing who we are as a PEOPLE and as the Individual that the Most High Creatress Created....

Remember what I said: "Just for Once lets think positive today"...Lets try to do this for the rest of our wonderful lives.....

Get Free and Live doing so....


  1. Being a numbers person, I follow you and just based on my own personal knowledge, 9 is a powerful number. 9 being High Priestess, highest knowledge of self!! Very interesting how 6 and 9 both give you the same end result when multiplied by 3....120+120+120 = 360 = 9. Ummmm think about it! This is going in the book Enoch! Thanks yet again. I'll all about the positive energy :-)

  2. Thanks or your comment...Also 120+120+120= 360=9 degress of self Knowledge...Now you take 360+360=720 of Spiritual Knowledge still comes out 9..

    Give Thanks Princess