21 September 2009

DC shines on....

Let me start by saying prior to the 2 day festival the blogs,my space,face book,local newspapers and radio stations were buzzing about this 2 day FESTIVAL. During the days of 17th thru 19th the city of DC was on the edge of its sits. The 2nd Annual Bootleg Festival sponsored by Words,Beats and Life a non-profit organization in the Washington dc area injunction with One vs Many makes history on Satur(day) and night. I was blessed enough to be apart of a 6 Shows in one day that surrounded the BOOTLEG FESTIVAL. It all started at the Hst. Festival where a few artists called (The Food Chain Collective) was slated to perform a 90min set which got slice down to 10-15mins do to bad timing of the promoter.So with the time that was giving the artists rock the spot and rolled out. The next stop was the Lincoln Theatre. I arrive at the Lincoln about 6pm for sound check and other little stuff had to be done before I became Host of the evening. This event was FREE to the public and for all ages. The crowd was very interactive with the performers and vice verse. Each artist perform at the top of their game. After this event I have to walk about 2 ½ blocks down to get prepare for event #3 that started at 9pm. Axum restaurant and Lounge was the place where two live bands,3emcees and a DeeJay were slated to rock the crowd that was highly energized for a dope night. NOW!!! this is where the night gets tricky,UN-professional and exciting all at the same time.

The Tricky part was this:
#1.I was the Point Person,Host and Performing Act at Axum Restaurant and Lounge
#2.Educated Consumers Listening Party was at Expo
#3.The Bus Driver Show with Rosetta StoneD,Arda mus and a few others was at DC9
#4 Starting at 12am to 3am The Five One Band and a few other acts were playing at the Bohemian Caverns....( mind you 1-3 was going on at the same time)

Plus the Fight was on! :0)

Un-Professional part was this:
At Axum a few members of bands that were slated to perform were acting like Pre-Madonnas. Most wasn't respecting the time that was giving to them. One Act demanded that he go on before the so-called Headliner ( which nobody was headlining that night). I got a massive headache during the process of it all. Oh snap!!! have you every seen an artist clear an entire venue!! I mean Champ foreal!!! AIR out the Club..Like someone Farted!!! ok..ok.. no names are given....LMAO ( right now) but you should have been there......SMH..

Now the Two bands that was slated to Perform were:
Black Diamond and Mzery Loves Company

The Emcees Slated to Perform were:
Night Train
M.Rock Star
Enoch 7th Prophet

The Exciting Part was:
#1. 5 other events going on at the same time
#2. the feedback of each venue was great.
#3. People from NY,NJ,DC,MD,VA, and even SC came out to support the happenings.
#4. I got the chance to meet and greet people whom i held interviews with via Mental Salvation Radio...
#5. I got my photo ops on!! :0)
#6. DJ Beanz was killing it at AXUM

In conclusion, this was a remarkable event that brought out DC's finest (Artists,people and police department). I felt honored to be apart of History once again. The city of DC needed this event to happen and with the help of Tyrone Norris ( founder of "Cakes n Kisses", Rap Leagues,The Circus,dcrap.com) and 1 half of the hiphop group Rosetta StoneD and YOU!!! it went DOWN!!!. At about 330am things began to clam down just a little bit.People were still hanging out laughing and talking about Hiphop etc ..etc..Who me? my hiphop mode shuts down at 300am. I was hungry and needed food fast or else i was going to spazzz out... :0)...BIG up to my comrade Tony-Tone of Vintage Vibez who hook a brother up with some food at 24/7 a local favorite spot to eat after hours...I almost forgot...Flex Matthews,Tony-Tone and I sat at the table and talked about how the day went and different experiences of the Hiphop scene in DC. It was about 430am when we left 24/7....I arrive home at 445am to SLEEP All-day SUNDAY!!!

PS..I had an OUTSTANDING NIGHT!!!! no matter what happened.!!!!