07 October 2009

Bombing!! the Moon on 10/8/2009

On Tomorrow 10/8/2009.. Babylon will be BOMBING THE MOON!! that's right people...BOMBING THE MOON. Its bad enough the United Snakes of Amerikkkas drop bombs on innocent men,woman and children in the cause for FREEDOM!! Now they really trying to move us of the Axis. Babylon NASA needs to stop playing God!!! really stop trying to go against the Most High Creator. NASA claims they looking for water or life on the Moon.

Wow. The ancestors just spoke to me. They told me to type this message:

"The Moon represents the Black Woman" the water is the life that she provides. Sound like an attack on the Black Woman. She is the protector of the Youth (stars). Next they will wont to shoot down all the STARS (youth). Overstand, that most of the black men in America are weak and mentality unfit to protect his family, due to the evil forces that he faces on the day to day. So since the black man has been broking down (so they think). We (Babylon) can get to the black woman with ease. Let's Remember that she is the first Teacher and the Mother of all civilizations.She even taught your Babies (babylon) to be civil.She even breast fed your childern.

So now the Devil is going to bomb HER (WOMB) and destroy those future Gods and Goddess. People they are bombing the other side of the moon. That's the part where life is created. A place where the black woman creates life....Also that's the side where the Higher BEINGS sit....

IN closing::::: PROTECT THE BLACK WOMEN and WOMEN by ANY Means Necessary!! :::::

Babylon your TIME IS RUNNING OUT!! so i see why you bombing the MOON...


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