19 October 2009

Enoch 7th Prophet "Revelation"

Peace and Universal Tones,

On this past weekend (Oct 16-17) had the chance to review a lot of music that i have created in the past. During this time of reflecting I heard a track called "Revelation" which was written in 2004 and recorded in 2005,but just made the album title "Tone Scientizt" in 2006. Before going deeper into the meaning of why???? I must explain that on 3 of 4 albums I've created: Fickle-Mind,7th Prophet EP and Tone Scientizt I wanted to give the listener a spoken word piece ( I am not an Spoken Word Artist) within this rhyme-poetry. This would give the listener a freedom of choice. What i meant by that is......A message within a message is all over the place with no direction or concept...

The Title Revelation is reveling information to the masses. I tried to find the right pictures to give you (the viewer) a message behind the thought process of the writer (who is Me). Most fail to overstand the meaning behind such images I have chosen to use. Most may not overstand the language in which was use to created such a spoken word-rhyme poetry ( I repeat I'm Not a POET, an EMCEE).After chewing-up and digesting what i wrote and said; it seems to fit into today's world and how events and times are occurring among US. So sit back and take a listen and comments are always appreciated.

Track was produced by: EL-Ra iz Fonk C

Enoch 7th Prophet

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