20 October 2009

I took this has a SIGN

On Oct 5th, 2009. I got off the train at Bethesda metro in Maryland and I began to walk thru the tunnel of the metro and saw this sign that READ: WE WERE WARNED Search:2012 so i took a picture of to post later on the blog spot. I proceeded to leave the tunnel and jump on the moving steps (escalator) lol...after jumping off the moving steps and heading to the sidewalk to cross the busy street of old Georgetown rd.

I spot a cheese bus (Yellow School bus) the number of the bus was 02012 WOW!! So I took a picture of that....I thought to myself "this a sign to PLAY those numbers and win Millions of Dollars" (lol).....or was there a Spiritual meaning behind the digits 2012. I know the year 2012 is when the spell of the Willie Lynch is to be broken. The William Lynch Speech is address or delivered by a certain William Lynch (or Willie Lynch) to an audience on the bank of the James River in Virginia in 1712 regarding control of slaves within the colony. Some feel that the letter is not real. I feel the formula is still applies in today’s world. He says and I quote: "In my bag here, I have a fool-proof method for controlling your black slaves. I guarantee every one of you that if installed correctly it will control the slaves for at least 300 years. My method is simple, any member of your family or any overseer can use it.

1712 + 2012=300 years.... with just 3 years left until

Now, the Kings James version Reads;
Revelation 20:12 (King James Version)
12 And I saw the dead,small and great, stand before God; and the books were opened: and another book was opened, which is the book of life: and the dead were judged out of those things which were written in the books, according to their works.

with 3 years left until the Black man,Woman,child and oppress people of the world; are restored back to the Gods/Goddess we were before being enslaved..Now everyone won't get this message. Some will decline the Truth, but YOU are reading this blog for a reason. ...The devils TIME is UP! Lets Go!

PS. these are my thoughts. I really don't expect everyone to agree with me.

The bullten Read: WE WERE WARNED Search:2012
is the Devil talking to his/her followers in code or is The Most High telling us to Get right!


  1. Yes indeed a sign! Willie Lynch spell will be broken!

  2. Do you remember the song K-solo had out called "SPELLBOUND" eventhough it was self title ablum...

  3. Wow that's really interesting, I also find it interesting that there is a feature film coming out in Nov. with the same title.