02 November 2009

"Breaking The Lyrical Spell"

On today Rastafarian's around the world are celebrating the 79th Coronation crowning of Halie Selassie & Empress Menen (Nov 2, 1930). Also on today is the new adventure on Mental Salvation Radio called "Breaking The Lyrical Spell". We has Rastafarian and children of the Most High must spread the message of Freedom (mental). This segment will expose artists Lyrical content and to see if it's a SPELL or actual helping people break free on a mental and spiritual plane. Please overstand that all lyrical content will be look under a microscope of your favorite Artist of today and yesterday.

We will cover all forms of music : Underground,Mainstream,Pop,Rock,Jazz,Blues,Soul,Hiphop etc.etc.....This Segment will be feature once a month( Starting Nov2nd)

This segment is not to bash any artist(s). We love our brothers & sisters in the entertainment world but the Lyrical Content needs to be address..NOW!!!

Tonight's Show will Focus on "Rhianna Lyrics | Russian Roulette"
*This Song was first brought to my attention by DJ Earth 1ne*
*The Idea to do a show of this nature was provided by Mahoganee the Diva*

TONE in to: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/mentalsalvationradioII

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