10 November 2009

John Allen Muhammad ( my thoughts on his Execution)

Peace and Love,

Today I have mixed emotions about the Life and Death of John Allen Muhammad. Walking into work today I bypass this newspaper stand and got a glance at the USA today paper. The headlines was talking about the Lethal Execution of DC Sniper that would take place today (Nov 10th, 2009) at 9pm est. The photo that was used to picture a so-called "Mass-Murder" by the writer of the article was not sitting right with my spirit. In, October 2002 during the rampage of such said person "John Allen Muhammad" i felt unease about the things that were taking place. I was never afraid to leave the house as most of you were. I never felt afraid of "white vans" ( that the police/news was saying to look out for)....To me honest i thought it was a person of European decent, because brothers don't be killing for no apparent reason......

To get back to the matter of this blog. I have mix emotions because the picture is worth a thousand words...I began to look at the picture and in my spirit I feel that; the courts are killing the wrong man.Yes, it's wrong for a person to take another persons life. Yes, you should suffer ( key word) the karma in which is coming back around to you, but look at how the UNITED SNAKES OF AMERIKKKA send young poor black,brown,white and yellow people to fight a unjust war. These brothers and sisters are train to take innocent lives (men,women and children) and by doing so the government is operating experiments on them. So when they return home to their families they are confused,physical and emotional detached.You might say " its different they fighting to protect us for them" shit a Life is a Life no matter the situation. So who do WE executed when it comes to innocent people killing innocent people...Can we take the Government on Trial and Execute the person in charge of sending the troops over to do a unjust Job? "Virginia will execute a severely mentally ill man who also suffered from Gulf War Syndrome the day before Veterans Day.”

When reading the article it quotes a phrase from John Allen Muhammad and it reads "Things I thought would help were turned against me. I might be on another planet. I don't understand the gravitational pull." In his filing at the Supreme Court, Muhammad's lawyer, Jonathan Sheldon, said his client was suffering from severe mental illness. He said Muhammad believed he was a prophet and that Malvo had discovered an herbal remedy that could cure AIDS.

I read that John Allen's life was a rocky one. So he seek refuge in Islam and join the "Nation of Islam" shortly afterwards signed his Death Certified papers and join the damn Army. After reading the paper that called him a "Mass-Murder" I went to CNN.com on this page was his second wife being interview by Larry King. Her concern was for her 3 children and their well being. I really respect her for answering the tough questions and repeating herself that she "Emotional detached herself from JOHN, but her focus was on the children".. Then Larry King interview the first wife and son along with the fiance.

I began to really listen to the emotional voice of how the son really didn't GIVE a F**K about his father being killed. I understand that John wasn't in his Life,but he gave him life. They read a few letters that John wrote to them and it stated that the "DEVILS" are going to kill him and that his innocent...

MY feelings are mix because WE don't really know the TRUTH. We think WE do! after watching the news and reading the papers and shit.What if they killing the wrong man and the acts start up again?.Everyone is quick to judge and say he took a life so he deserves to die. If you have ever sold drugs in your community and contributed to killing lives and got lock up behind it "WHY YOU NOT GETTING THE DEATH PENALTY"....



  1. I felt alot of emotion on the day in question as well. My culture is one that understands that Justice is a penalty or a reward. Karma , Ma'at and other words express the same idea.
    Most of us cant comprehend real Justice because of the lack of it within the society that we live in.
    Justice is Justus.. it is between two parties those who were wronged and the wrongdoer. The families of those who were killed allowed the US Govt to mete out the punishment and they asked for blood. That is not real justice to me thats cowardice. Most of us couldnt take the life of another so allowing it to be done by a third party, they will never feel justice has been served.
    But deeper than that.. is the why he went on a killing spree. If he was touched in the head than his actions were not done with the motives and intent of a true murderer. I dont think we will ever know.

  2. Give Thanks for your words and insight sis.