12 November 2009

The Year was 1994 ( I was 21)

Do you remember this Cover?. The same year Honorable Min. Louis Farrakhan was on The Arsenio Hall Show. A few days later after Louis Farrakhan's Television appearance the show was cancelled from the airwaves. Today's blog is to REMEMBER the TIME that TRUTH spoke on NATIONAL TELEVISION. Today's blog is to REMEMBER the day in HISTORY that somebody TOOK a stand no matter the consequences.Big up to Arsenio Hall who had the courage to go against all odds.A price is always something you will have to pay being a person of a revolutionary mind and act. After doing want Arsenio thought was best for HIM and the true followers of his show. He couldn't find a job anywhere in the Television business. Now years later look at the show his hosting now called The World's Funniest Moments DAMN!!!

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