19 November 2009

What’s a Movement? DMV

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Now for many years Washington, DC was called The METRO. In, 2000(something) marks the new definition called the DMV this covers the entire (DC-MD-VA) area. Most people connect the term DMV with the Department of Motor Vehicle; which isn’t the case if you are a resident of the area. Since we got that small part out the way we can move on with today’s blog. *note to reader* I will attempt to give a Holistic overview of certain ideas that I see aren’t taken shape here in THE METRO via DMV…Give thanks.

Let’s began with Mr. Webster's definition of "Movement" and says: a movement is a motion, a change in position. . Keep in mind there are many different components that make up the word movement. Since this blog is going to focus on the Hiphop music scene I must use one of the components of “MOVEMENT”. For example; a movement is a self-contained part of a musical composition or musical form. While individual or selected movements from a composition are sometimes performed separately, a performance of the complete work requires all the movements to be performed in succession.

Often a composer attempts to interrelate the movements thematically, or sometimes in more subtle ways, in order that the individual movements exert a cumulative effect. In some forms, composers sometimes link the movements, or ask for them to be played without a pause between them.

I have been reading a lot of blogs, tweeter, myspace, facebook and other social sites. That would make me to believe that there is a DMV Movement, but as I began to deeply search and use my soft eyes to see how the so-called movement is moving. I come to see the Constipation within the movement. Before you judge that BOLD statement I made. Please use the application of REASONING and Observation before speaking. We use words in our every day conversation and really do/don’t care about the energy behind the meaning. There is a lot of SHIT (Constipation) that goes on here in the DMV such; greedy promoters, greedy club owners, artists to artist beefs, jealous deejays and that conscious/backpacker emcees vs. unconscious/gangster rapper Willie lynch syndrome. So where’s the “MOVEMENT DMV”?

The Nations Cap is the home of Marvin Gaye, Johnny Gill, Peaches and Herb, Section 8 Mob, Dave Chappelle, Nonchalant, Kev Brown, Kokayi, Asheru, Infinite Loop , Storm the Unpredictable,Po-emcee, XO, Dend Productions, Damu the FudgeMunk,Wale,Tabi Bonney,Emperess, MadamMadon, Princess of Controversy and the list goes on and on. I see the growth but where’s the Movement? Recently a home town favorite “WALE” dropped his highly awaited album “Attention Deficit” which sold about 28,000 copies. Prior to the release date of this album tweeter was buzzing about supporting the DMV Movement by purchasing this album. I thought to myself damn where was the support of: Kev Brown “Random joints”, The Package “New Golden era”, Dend Productions “In our Own Lane” or the Kapital Magazine or even Enoch 7th Prophet “Data Frequency” album. It was a recent photo shoot that took place in front of the Legendary Lincoln Theatre in Washington, dc in which only certain artists got the call or the tweet info. It was like a secret among those elite that knew (reminds me of how Masons and other secret organizations move) and others that just BUMRUSHED the Photo shoot..(Where's the MOVEMENT?) DMV

Ok, I get it now if you are not doing it so-called BIG in the DMV then you are not apart of such a MOVEMENT…its moreover a NOMAD movement or an Individual Movement...DMV is suppose to be a collective idea or a philosophy right? I don’t see it (3rd eye). Did the people elect a Leader to lead the Movement? If so, where is the Leader and why doesn’t he/she support our efforts like we support his/hers. Why doesn’t the Leader show up at grassroots events, community centers and events that give back to the community in which they are getting the support from? Shit is bigger then HIPHOP. This blog isn’t a diss to Wale, Tabi Bonney or Judah Beats nor anyone else for that matter. So please don’t re-direct this blog into a distasteful statement don’t you think its time to stop being constipated. I will go on record and say “MY BOWELS MOVE BETTER, then the DMV MOVEMENT”. Overstand that each person is moving at his/her on pace and I applaud those person(s) who are moving and growing within the culture of music. I will boldly stand on Truth and say the “DMV Movement” doesn’t exist!!! Some are completely blinded by his/her egos to see the bigger picture. Once the Bigger picture btw artist/promoters/club owners are drawn then and only then; can the vision and the true meaning of MOVEMENT be put into action.

In conclusion, I would like to say that; on November 19, 2009 I will no longer use the phrase DMV Movement cause in my professional opinion as a Holistic Health Consulted I see it becoming damaging to the minds and energy of a community. I know people will love to argue this point, but it’s my POV and aura that is being affected by using this term that doesn’t reflect a person(s) growth and develop as an artist.

Give Thanks,
Love and Universal Tones…



  2. Valid points I agree with, having encountered some of what you've described. Brave post. Glad to have "met" you through social networking and looking forward to your other POVs!


  3. Hi Enoch,

    I have to say that one of the things I truly enjoy about knowing you is your unwillingness to promote an image that is not indicative of who you really are. I love your honesty and your spirit. I don't find your post distasteful or offensive because I believe it is beginning a conversation about what so few of us discuss.

    As part of the team that puts together the Capital Hip Hop Soul Fest, I have seen and experienced first hand the blatant disrespect from those in our area who have believe that there is an only one "elite" group in the area who is entitled to produce events in the area. Their disrespect is illustrated through their bad-mouthing our efforts to potential performers in our events, potential sponsors, etc. My business partner was even asked at one turn who does he think he is having the audacity to create a hip hop event and name it "Capital" anything.

    I won't even begin to address the sexism rampant in the area I've encountered as a female entertainer and programmer.

    You are right, we are not there if movement means a unified group of entertainers, promoters, event producers, etc. I do believe that we are in movement...for, many of the events that are taking place are creating platforms for artists who may not otherwise have a venue to share their craft.

    Best regards & hugs,