29 December 2009

Silent Wars

Right now at work I am listening to a pass podcast show called: "Turn off the Radio" it's killing our babies on Mental Salvation Radio vol.2 during this broadcast I hear myself talking about the silent war by use of the mainstream radio frequency. I know today most of us woke up to a radio alarm clock that is LOCK into our favorite radio station. It's something that we have been PROGRAM to do at an early age. We sometimes treat the radio like a cup of coffee (can't do without it). Unaware to the damage that coffee may be causing on the body and unaware of the mental/spiritual damage cause by the radio station. I must address that most not all radio stations are BAD. I'm talking bout the RADIO STATION that plays and talks about the same Bull shit with a so-called different format or radio person attach to it.

We find our babies listening to this Bull-shit and reciting it. right? haven't you Mom or Dad heard your child rapping or singing a certain song; that you know isn't right for a child to sing. Some brainwashed parents will allow his/her child to rap that same song and may even sing or rap along with him/her ie... Lil Wayne,50 cents,Common,Young Jock,Young Jezzy, and others i don't need to mention because you get the point....*smh*

Now back to the topic "SILENT WARS" these Scientists have learn that we as a people move,act,re-act and think by and on a certain TONE or Sound. By taking music programs out the school across amerikkka, we have notice the outrage of random killings.... These wicked individuals know that music is the heart beat of a PEOPLE ie "Afrikan People"..

I'm about to get back to work now, but I wanted to get this message out to the people who take the time out and read my blogs.Before I roll out I want to leave you with this message from William Copper's Book "BEHOLD A PALE HORSE"

Chapter One: page 36
"Silent Weapon for Quit Wars"

This publication marks the 25th anniversary of 3rd World War called the Quit War, being conducted using subjective biological warfare fought with silent weapons. Now this book contains introduction descriptions of this war and its strategy; and its weaponry.

1. Security
2. Historical Introduction
3. Publicly Introduction
4. ENERGY ( in the book it doesn't say what type of energy)
5. Description of the introduction of the silent war

Go get the BOOK if you can find it.....

check out the podcast: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/mentalsalvationradioII called "TURN OFF THE RADIO"( its killing our babies)
Date: August 17th, 2009

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