19 December 2009

Food for Thought (it's on your Plate)

Peace and Blessings,

On today i got a called that kind of shook-up my spirit a litte bit. After listening and trying to find the words to help comfort this individual. I came to realize that whatever we put our bodies through in life; its bound to come back to attack us. Let me clarify that statement: we must look at our bobies as a Temple of God,Jah,Allah,Buddha the Most High whatever you call the Great Supreme Master. Its a Gift that is very complex to figure out and maintain,but with the right tools we can maintain the Temple inwhich God rest and lives.

Many of you already now what i do besides Holistic Health right? Shyt i hope so, most of y'all I've known for a damn long time :)... I'm writing this blog to tell Y'all this!! Jah/God has put me in a certain position to handle a certain mission. While, i was working on getting certified for Holistic Health to serve my Family,Friends and people that i would have never given a glass of water to if they were Dying of Thirst....ie son's mother......

This information that i have been collecting over the past years have been adding up. People think I have the answers to all the question,but actually i just have the piece that you need to fit in your puzzle. Shyt we share information daily.

The Most High has put me in this Life now to help and heal people via Music and Health. That my calling and Give thanks for seeing that Today just by that one phone call! That means I must step my game up even more. My mommy told me " I vision you being our next Pastor, you might not see it now" she continues "but if it happen and I'm not around just remember what i said"....................

on a lighter note: The Church would be called
" The Underground Shall Inherit The Earth" Universal Temple of God........LOL!!LOL!!!

TAKE care of your Bodies!!! start now! ( I am saying this to my self right now)

I like to Give Thanks to each and everyone who reads mu blogs and for staying encourage to walk the path the Most High has given to you! it takes faith to be different and it takes energy to stay that way....So EAT TO LIVE!!!

The motto is: If you not Growing you not Glowing!

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