16 December 2009

They Steal and Sell it back to US!!!

"Chief of the adinkra symbols" (AFRIKAN-Ghana)
symbol of greatness, charisma and leadership
This symbol is said to have played an inspiring role in the designing of other symbols. it signifies the importance of playing a leadership role.

**Do you think this is an accident!!!***
notice that the symbol is RED, if you are little familiar with the chakras and its colors. You will know that RED symbolize The ROOT chakra ( foundation,grounding,lower sex organs,lower frequencies,Dis-agreeableness and its associated with the first day of the week which is Sunday)...
Please don't get it ALL Twisted and confused. You can TARGET your energy to created life or death right? no matter the color, but in today's GLOBAL SOCITEY the Powers that BE/SEE are controlling the sheep/us with colors,sounds and symbols. So if you know what you looking at and what it means then you can see beyond the bullshit right?

Look at the top Symbol. The Dot in the middle of the Circle is God who is the source of Everything! that surrounds it.


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