20 December 2010

Jesus is NOT the Reason for the Season

"Researchers suggest that Jesus may have been a descendant of Black human being-looking Extraterrestrial time-travellers. Indeed, Jesus had been depicted as being black by Christians, until the Church Establishment was seized by latent racist ideology. Jesus was essentially "whitened" to match the skin pigmentation of the elite cliques of Europe who sought to enslave peoples of African ancestry. By whitening Jesus, elites cliques of Europe sought to manipulate African peoples into worshipping the conquerors." 
by John Stokes

Now that I have your Attention!!
This blog is not to Bash Jesus/Yeshua or anyone who claims him as his/her Lord and Savior. Every year around Dec 21-25 I hear "JESUS is the REASON for the SEASON" I'm merely going to  point out facts and brain washing tactics that Babylon uses to keep us Deaf, Dumb and Blind!!!

1. Jesus wasn't BORN on DEC 25th! You’re BIBLE or the BIBLE doesn't state that claim.
People  would say "we know he wasn't born on this day but it’s a day that's set aside for us to celebrate the birth of Jesus".
Q. Who in the world Set this day aside for YOU? To celebrate a Messiah whom u should celebrate 365 a year (if that's what u do)...ummmm mind control

2. If DEC 25th is Jesus Birth-date. Then why there isn’t a person dress up as Jesus in the malls across the USA and children line up to take pictures with him.....sitting on his lap asking for gifts... Ummmmm
Q. Where does Santa Claus (Satan claws) come into play...

3. If Dec 25th is the Jesus Birth-date. How old is he? Ummmmm

4. Trees and Decorations of it have nothing to do with JESUS…but it does have something to do with the Mighty Hunter NINROD the grand-son of Ham who was a ‘Rebel” against the Lord/YAHWEH.

Genesis 10:8-12; Genesis 3:15; Genesis 11

5. Heavy Promotion of Satan Claws (Santa Claus) and less Jesus on TV ads, sales, movies, etc...Etc... Wow! must be Satan Claws Birthday.

6. Last Point, ST. Nicholas was a Catholic figure head...who the world turn into Santa Claus aka St. Nick from the South Pole having rein deer and elfs...Even the story of Heru aka Horus aka Jesus who the GREEKS stole OURstory and create a LIE and sold it back to us via the BIBLE...

So History does repeat itself or does HIS story leave out what HE stole from OUR story...
B.C is not Before Christ/B.C.E is Before Common Era
A.D is not After the Death of Christ/A.C.E is After Common Era
Tell the Childern the TRUTH!!!!!
*disclaimer: If I WOKE YOU UP from your Slumber...I don't apologize but i do  Sympathize & Empathize.
By Enoch El-Shamesh ©


  1. What comment is there to give when the truth is so pure....Give thanx for spreading the word Enoch......
    Dec 25th : Soltice:Sun worship/rebirth
    Satan Causes/Santa Clause/Saint Nicholas/Sinterklaas is REALLY ODIN a GERMAN GOD from their Mythology

  2. TRUTH!
    Every time i tell someone about the nimrod / jesus thing they think im lying.

  3. Hmmmm..Really makes me think. I always said this is just another " WHITE MAN HOLIDAY" to get folks money. You have some very great points! Thanks for the eye opener. Much Love!

  4. Give Thanks for everyone's input and comments.

  5. after reading this post, the boondocks came on and confirmed every word. This is nothing new to me, but still needed the reminder, as we all do to stop following the blind and open our eyes so we can walk our own GOD given paths...I give my gifts and talents daily, I don't need A day to share my love with others...thanks for speaking out....RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE...peace!!!

  6. @Shantell yes "RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE".. here is what my youngest son said..

    junior settles - Thats rude
    why would you post that ????

    Enoch 7th Prophet - LIFE is rude and the truth is even ruder....You must Learn TRUTH now , while you are Young....Jesus wasnt born on christmas and there isnt no such thing as Santa Claus.