06 January 2011

A Moment of Sadness

Where do I began. Most people would say "start from the beginning" and all respect I wish I could. Let's say I've been searching for my grand father's number and address for a very long time. I spoke with him shortly on last year to discover my grand mother died about 8 years ago and no one seem to call or find via phone or Internet services to tell me such a thing. Let's back track a little my DAD had a couple  of youth (4) and everyone seems to be spread-out in different parts of the United States in which i have only been in touch with one (1) which is my oldest sister. In the lifetime of my grand mother year here on earth (my father's mother) she gave me my sister number and told me that she got married and had a little son (my nephew). I called her and left several message in which she never return my calls to say the least. Keep in mind i have seen my sister since our father died in 1987 or that same after his death (if my memory serves me correctly)

Now lets more forward to Jan. 5, 2011 of my wedding anniversary night. I'm sitting online searching for my grand fathers where abouts and i find him. (right name and address) that i recall last time i visited him. I found him,my sister and my aunt ( i knew all the names were correct) because i was using the obituary from my father transitional services.

I decided to call my Aunt Tassie today (Jan. 6, 2011) from work. the phone rang and she answered. When she answered i knew that was her by the raspy of her voice ( she is a heavy smoker of the cigarettes). After running down the line of who i was, she was very happy to hear from me after all these years.

Sad part comes when she inform me that my grand father  transition (died) a year ago. huh? why nobody didn't call me or try too find me (thinking to myself "INTERNET"). She said my sister do even come by and see her at all. huh? WTF is going on ...I do have my sister's number in which the search website (http://www.spokeo.com/) generated for me. So i will def give her a call and hopes she answers the phone or will i have to leave a message in hopes that she will return it.

I shed a few tears because I never got the chance to say good-bye or pay my respects.

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