13 January 2011

#98 Blog: RUNDAT video hits Japan

Jan. 12, 2011 I was checking my tweeter account at work like i always do :) and saw that a person sent me a mention message. Now if you are not on tweeter a (mention message) is a person talking to you like: "Peace @e7thp how are you doing today"... Then i would get that message in my mention box. (tweeter #101).. lol

Well this message was sent to me in that manner and it reads: "Washington, DCのラッパーEnoch 7th Prophet (@) のRUNDATビデオのご紹介!! >> http://dld.bz/Ft5T"

I was like whaaaaaaaaaaat. I tried clicking the link,but couldn't because my damn BB (Blackberry) Phone wants to act brand new all of a sudden. So I tried googling the name  "yapparihiphop" and I came up with empty handed....Until i got home about 1045pm and went to my tweeter page and click the link and there it was RUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNDAT a 6 mintues and 53 sec of a double duty video that was created in Late July and NOW posted on a Japan website. I mean a foreal Japan website. I couldn't even read the interviews about known HipHop artist(s) because the sessions are all in Japanese. :) Thank you so much Yappari HipHop for "Diggin" for me or receiving emails.

Give Thanks to the Artist:
Emperess (@emperess)
Draus (@drausdc)
DarnGood (@mrdarngood)
Ardamus (@ardamus)

Give Thanks to the Producers:
Rundat: BlackCeasr
RundatRemix: DJ S.E. (@dendproductions)

Give Thanks to the Videographer: 
DJ Roddy Rod (@djroddyrod)

Give Thanks to everyone that saw and commented on the Video!!

Jah Bless


  1. WEll alrighty then... Other folks in other countries always give love asking for nothing in return... Congrats Bro... Much Deserved...

  2. Give Thanks Ladies!!!
    Onlything I can say is that I work hard at what I do. Sometimes I dont think my work pays off until i read or see something like this :)