14 January 2011

#99 Blog: Kanye's Video Monster (Breakdown)

Greetings fam, A very great artist and dear friend of mines "Princess of Controversy" post the new Kanye "MONSTER" video
 on her face book page and ask people for his or her thoughts. What you see in the above IMAGE is a clip from the such said video in question and with that being such i gave my BREAKDOWN.........

The video starts off with RICK ROSS ( a name taken form a well known drug kingpin). Sitting on the Throne of the KINGS surround by hanging dead like bodies. These dead like bodies are WOMEN...in which is very disturbing ....its directed to kill off the FEMALE energy in HIPHOP....did i say that the women are NAKED which is a sign of raping the female of her woman hood...

the Dark shades are worn to be Less conventional....

Jay-Z is picture in the scene with children/Youth turning rope...looking like Zombies...Once again...keeping our children (deaf dumb blind) to truth...so there are walking Zombies

2:06 mark look at the numbers in the left hand corner: 103383408
(1+0+3+3+8+3+4+0+8)=30 (3 degree in Masonry)
2:27 mark this flashes real quick: GettyIMages (Getty has distribution offices around the world and capitalizes on the Internet and CD-ROM collections for distribution.)

The numbers in the left hand corner changes: 103270373
wow...Kanye is shown right now in a Ritual stance...holding the head of a woman dripping BLOOD....WOW...this is a Masonic Ritual ..known as Duncan Ritual....if a truth is told or secret your head its CUT off...Remember how they did that Newspaper overseas on Islamic TV.,..

sacrificial Lamb...Kanye has made the sacrifice...Niki is next to take the dive...look at the blk women half naked..she is a vampire also...ummmmmmm


*Disclaimer these are my thoughts and views. I'm not hating ,but I am calling the devil out on ALL Counts....


  1. the nr's are from the getty images archive, the 2 parts with the trees and mist and the moon are the 2 clips with these nr's. But maybe kanye used them with a second thought behind it!

  2. @Aristocles thanks for your comments. Yes, and maybe kanye used the images with a second thought in behind it. JUST MAYBE...