25 January 2011

#100 Blog: A Lunch Convosation

During my hour lunch break today. I found myself in a conversation about religion with this elder...why??? Heaven/hell if I know, but we started talking about communion and how the song was sing during this event in a black Church setting:
"When we been there 10,000 years bright shining as the Sun
   We no LESS days to sang God's praise then we first began"
Question: wasn't 10,000 years waaaaaaaaaay before Jesus?

We went on to discuss the attire one who wear at this event. I said all the women in my Grandmother's Church wear white. She disagreed. I proceeded to give knowledge and background on (The Fire Baptized Holiness Church) movement here in Washington DC along with Jesus ONLY, Holiness and Daddy Grace Church. Some people never know what you know or where you been; and in this case the elder don't know how deep my background goes....NOW BACK to the latter part "DADDY GRACE" a co-work says "yeah, my friend goes in there in get breakfast every morning, and I told him you better say out of there"....everyone laughs......

Now the kicker is:::::::
The elder goes:
 I would never buy anything from him or THEM MUSLIMS....who be selling those potatoes pies...huh?? I said they are bean pies.
Me: Why NOT
Elder: Because they don’t believe in Jesus Christ....
Me: where did you buy your lunch today?
Elder: Giant Foods
Me: Do they believe in Jesus Christ
Elder: (silence)
Me: huh? o_o
Me: do you know any Muslims
Elder: yep, the one that comes on TV, who do the Million dollar march (lol)
Me: Oh, you are talking about Creflo Dollar, TD Snakes or the guy who touch the youth in Atl.
Elder: (now she's in her feelings) they don’t believe that Jesus is the Christ, they believe in Muhammad who apparently isn’t Jesus.
Me: My Question do you know any Muslims?
Elder: NO!
Me: Let's remember that Muslim is everywhere different type of Muslim. I’m speaking on the black Muslims here in North America...
Elder: I don’t like Farrakhan cause he HATEs JEWS....
Me.(waits a sec)...He hates those who claim to JEWs and are not!
Elder: doesn’t your wife Follow Farrakhan. I said no. she follows Allah. Farrakhan is just a massager from Allah. (don't get me wrong the minister is a Great man of God and one of the few who speak truth to power!!! with facts!!!)

Needless to say the convo has switch gears. My thoughts of people not knowing mear facts have me to quote this sentence from the Holy Bible that states:

Hosa 4:6
My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.
         Because you have rejected knowledge,
         I also will reject you from being My priest.
         Since you have forgotten the law of your God,
         I also will forget your children.

I strongly feel that in this life our goal should be to respect and love each other(s) thoughts; even if it’s not like our own. I not going to say that the elder was wrong in her thinking, but uneducated in her knowledge of a person(s) beliefs...NOT buying or supporting a person because they don’t believe in Jesus Christ is that wrong? Buying food from a multi-billion dollar company such as GAINT FOODs and not knowing if they believe in Jesus Christ that’s questionable......

-It’s time for a new thought and new action going into 2012 and beyond...We must somehow live together in Universal love.

"I'm Not Muslim but i do support them/the father in heaven taught me and taught them"
-Krs One

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