08 February 2011

#103 Blog: The Before & After Effects of a Woman...(mythoughts)

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Today 2/8/11 in my health blog section i will unleash a few points that I've heard women talk about that really and truly makes sense to me. On the other hand men who care enough to read this blog may consider me a hater for exposing the bullshit that i see/hear women go through. Now the honest and true man will over stand what the heaven I'm talking about.
*Disclaimer coming up as a young knuckle head I've had my bad experiences*

It's 2011 not 1911 so today's man (if that word even holds weight) approach women as sex objects or just a spiritual play ground and not in the business of sharing knowledge,wisdom and understanding. Today's music doesn't help either along with societies views of the black woman and women across the board. Songs like: "Superman that hoe"-Soliderboy, "Bitches and Shit but hoes and tricks"-N.W.A, "My Humps"-Black eye Peas, "Real N**** Roll Call" by Lil` Jon, The Eastside Boyz and Ice Cube and that song by Nine Inch Nails - "I wanna FU*K you like an animal". If you have sexual intercourse with animals that's downright cave like (SMDH)...so this brings me to my own thoughts and views in which the woman is sick in tired of this behaivor being force on her.. No matter what WE (men) think her likes and dis-likes are we should show respect (right or wrong)..Videos and images play a big part in the (mind-set of the man and others who want to rape our women by using the visional arts)....Do we has a people know the difference between classy,trashy,sexy and down right....(WTF) or does todays unseen/seen hand mold our preception.

Case #1 If dealing with a female ..try and know her mentally first. Don't pretend and use kind words to get in her panties. The woman's nature is wanting/recieving and giving love. Women see Love differently. The word holds weight with them. Sometimes WE as men use the word LOVE to get the panties or something materilistic,but not knowing in the long run; that word will have to produce action in the end....

Case #2. Beating on a woman doesn't mean you LOVE her,but in her mind that will form a definition of love to her if done on a regular basis....Men i understand that our women can stir up a demonic force in us to cause these things to happen ie (you have a little dick,you a weak ass dude, so and so not your daughter anyways,) but as a man please walk away. That would be the best thing you can ever do. Hitting on her doesnt make you a MAN....

Case #3. Ive seen/heard men whistle at women before as a master  would whistle at a dog to come. ummmm does this term B*tch hold a deeper psychological meaning; that the whistlee would turn around and come back to the whistler...How about when a male makes an advance and the woman doesn't submit to the advancements...then guess what? she's is still called a B*tch. So either way the she cant win from losing. I've even seen objects thrown at a female.

Case#4. Taking care of a woman's well being if you have the ability too is the greatest gift. The wellness of a woman is the portal to life itself. Show her that you care eventhough you THINK she maybe show interest in her own well being. Be honest in your words and actions. Be straight up in with your agendas.

*Guys if you just want sex then make that known up front at  least give the woman a choice to deal with you or NOT*, but as Professor Griff put it "If your man is not down for the revolution and freedom for our people ladies, cut him lose"

Case #5 For both parties involved don't use your children or child to get to the MOM or DAD...that shit is wack.....cause if the child or children don't like YOU he or she don't LIKE you...(point blank) the youth can see and read vibrations.

Case #6 I heard a woman say: "this bama says he likes me,wants to be with me and even told a friend that he would married me, but the dude didn't even spell my name right in his cell phone"...LMAO when i heard this statement...Then I said "He should've plug the number in and handed you the phone so you can spell your own name"....

In today's world hue-mans are hue-mans and subject to errors. I feel that each case mentioned can be corrected with the right vibration and energy. I will give a solution to the cases as such:

-Allow the person to meet the REAL/REEL you instead of a representative of YOU, that way Men and Women have a choice to whom he/she will deal with ....this way make us responsible for your choices.

****this blog was written at work****