10 February 2011

#104 Blog: Hard to EARN (SELFRespect)....

Definition of Respect:
Esteem for or a sense of the worth or excellence of a person, a personal quality or ability, or something considered as a manifestation of a personal quality or ability: I have great respect for her judgment.
The distinct individuality or identity of a person or thing.

Now, this word can be describe in many ways. Our Great Sister and Queen of Soul "Aretha Franklin" said it best: "R.E.S.P.E.C.T found out what it means to ME". This post will be go right in the Health section of this blog spot. Today 2/10/11 i saw a tweet by (@thecarryout) and he was talking about how people was disliking a name of a young HipHop group here in Washington, DC named  "Kool Klux Klan" a few people thought it was and still is a racist name to call a crew. I tweeted back (@e7thp) about a group in the early 90's called "The Young Black Teenagers" which was an all white Hiphop group from New York (founded by PE & Hank Shock Lee). I went on too say that i respect the young brothers for having fun with the music and I've shown them universal love and respect.

This leads me to my Hard to EARN (SELFRespect) reflection. It has not been address to me that people been displeased with my connections with (@dcrap) Tyrone Norris aka Isaac William Shmaschemov. Let's not use the word displeased but ummmmmmmm lost respect for me. Most have not come fwd to proclaim this action but some have shun away from asking me to host events,performing or even working together on a music projects. Some may even go as far to say (@underdogthedj) and I are beefing and don't like each other...LMAO..I'm not a puppet I choose to work with Tyrone because of his drive and willing to try not ideas. Plus his a Truskool representative that took it too the next level. I enjoy working with him and watching his ideas come alive...He actually is the one that keep me in the scene among the new/young artist coming up in the DC arts scene. So with that i #salute him...

 I'm consider a staple/legend in DC Hiphop Community something i never ask to be called. It just came along with hard work and being consist. No matter if i think you wack,dope or so-so I've still shown everyone respect. Unless shown other wise.

I come to the defense of the new promoters,artists & musicians on many occasions to say: "I cant hate on them because who is doing weekly/monthly events anyways" and "If we see an error we must pull them aside to ask how can we help with his/her mission" and "If we don't like want they are doing at least show some type of mutual respect" and the young talent aren't omitted from doing the same". Please beware who laid the foundation for you to continue to do YOU...

Each night I lay down I reflect on SELFrespect; then I take a look on how that reflects a sign of respect on the youngins that are doing/putting on shows in the Washington DC area. Because at the end Hiphop is going back to its baby stages and if the Elders don't teach instead of preach the youth will become very dis-respectful in a Animalistic kind of way.

The crazy thing about SELFrespect is that I don't need to brag and boost about my metals of honor in the community of DC Hiphop....Some people who shun know my history of speaking my mind on and off the mic.. If you really want to know about me google "Enoch 7th Prophet" , but shit the Internet is no match to the word of  mouth and how much respect I've shown across the board.

**Truskool Open Mic was the Foundation of most or maybe all artists in the DC Hiphop scene**
est.1999 (Founders: Born I @bornimusic & DJ Underdog @underdogthedj
Torch Barriers: Enoch 7th Prophet @e7thp, DJ Damnu the FudgeMonk, DJ Earth 1NE (@djearth1ne)

We have pass the flames in SELFRespect...

-So SELFRespect isn't HARD TO EARN....