19 February 2011

#105 Blog: UNTag ME

Self Portrait

I *Gov name* Enoch 7th Prophet aka Enoch El-Shamesh represents THE CULTURE (I AM that I AM) and won't be put under any umbrella that says otherwise. Everything I've done have been for the movement of the culture and service to Jah and Hue man kind anything else would be uncivilized. The most honorable idea a person can have about me is NOT labeling me because I will just UNtag myself. I was always taught by my Grand earth (Grandma) to follow my own mind,not my friends or my so-called friends...with this gem in mind I found myself not hanging in big groups,cliques nor crews. That never determine my MANHOOD or how cool I was or could be. By doing something that radical will get u Label as: outsider/black sheep/unapproachable....just UNTag yourself.

Its a great feeling when people try and read  ME or figure "Enoch" out this indicates them trying NOT to tag me.......but the simple minded person(s) follows what other people say and do and try to copy that formula which isn't an wise idea.

Oh yeah, for the record I have my own publishing (Divine Chakra) via ASCAP member and part of Keep it Forwards Records....able to stay mobile like Sizzla/Capleton free to do music with whomever I please....Once again don't Label under anything else...or I will Untag myself...

Enuff ...
-Jah Love

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