24 February 2011

#106 Blog: Hiphop His/HerStory (Lil Enoch Good)

“Black Inventors” Music Video and “Lil Enoch Good: A Quiz-Story” – Lyrics and a Tale Aimed at Educating the People on Inventions Created by Black Inventors
Washington, DC—Crafting a song about Black inventors to “paint murals in the minds of people with our lyrics and encourage them to go do the research on what we are rhyming about,” as stated by Enoch 7th Prophet, required the right emcees and the perfect beat. This was achieved when emcees DarnGood and Enoch rhymed about the inventions created by black inventors, which are used by many on a daily basis, over a key and bass heavy beat by DJ S.E. The ending result, the respectfully titled single “Black Inventors”. Writer, Sophia “The Historian” Nelson, wrote “Lil Enoch Good: A Quiz-Story”, which was inspired by the single. The story and the official music video for “Black Inventors” are being released just in time to close out the month of February, Black History Month.
DarnGood provides the lyrics in verse one, educating listeners on black male inventors. Once Enoch heard DarnGood’s verse, he knew he had a void to fill, and that was to provide lyrics that would educate listeners on female inventors. Author, Sophia “The Historian” Nelson, was so moved by the single that she reached out to Enoch and asked if she could lend a hand by providing a tool that would hopefully encourage listeners to further educate themselves on black inventions. After one conversation with Enoch, she wrote “Lil Enoch Good: A Quiz-Story”.
“It’s as if all the stars were lined up right in the month of February (Black History Month) because not only was I able to come up with the quiz-story of Lil Enoch Good, which tells the story of a young boy and all the inventions developed by black inventors, that the character encounters on a daily basis; but Enoch and DarnGood also completed the official video for the single,” states Sophia. Producing the projects was done with the help of of, Den’D Productions (“Black Inventors” video producer) and Ola Betiku of Arttron Studios (creator of the Lil Enoch Good animation).
Enoch and DarnGood already had plans in place to push the “Black Inventors” project to as many educational institutions as possible, including but not limited to libraries and schools; Sophia now has plans to contribute to their efforts as well. For now, the three are pushing the “Black Inventors” video and the “Lil Enoch Good: A Quiz-Story” to numerous media outlets. The three hope that all who come across the collective project will spend time with a child educating not only the child but themselves on the history of Black inventors. This body of history was creatively documented and was meant to be shared, “we hope you’ll make a positive impact on the minds of others, by passing this project along,” states DarnGood.
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