02 March 2011

20 Songs in Mind.....

Photo from 1997?
****Disclaimer this photo has nothing to do with the Topic at hand, but it saves as a reminder of how far I have Evolved.****

I was Listening and Watching a Talib Kweli clip on YouTube and he mention something about a person asking Black Thought "how many current songs does he have in his head right now" and his answer was 20. I was like damn. So I put a status on my face book page: "Looking in my Discography of Albums I want about 20 songs in my head to do a 45 to 60min show. DO you know any Enoch 7th Prophet songs I should add?"   To my new and old readers I have a large discography which includes:  Nine solo albums, two group albums, four mix tapes and a host of single collaborations. So with this in mind I began my quest to build my 45-60min show set. Picking only 20 songs was hard, but here is the list…

1.      Duck Hunt
2.      Rasta Imposta 1 & 2
3.      No Hesitation
4.      RunDat
5.      Strange
6.      You Not An Emcee
7.      Rasta Imposta 2
8.      Direction 2004
9.      The Missionary f. Edley Shine
10.  Keep’em High
11.  Jungle Musick f. Emperess & POC
12.  2 U & Urs
13.  Underground
14.  Culture
15.  Distant Luva
16.  Tone Scientist
17.  Metatron
18.  AND u Say f. El-Ra
19.  Khemistry
20.  SolPwr


  1. thanks for sharing your tittle song . . .
    keep on

  2. Is #2 and #7 kinda the same thing?