16 March 2011

The Down Fall of a Black Business

While I waited for the green line metro train to Columbia Heights (this a metro train in Washington DC). I started thinking about my interactions with black business in this area. I love to walk in a black own business and feel the warmth of great customer service and a nice selection of goods ie: food,clothes,Cd's,movies,books,jewelry,in cents and smell goods. Most importantly it's the customer service that gets any race,color or creed to keep coming back. If the latter is not fulfill then the business is doom to fail and people will take his/her business ((money)) to some another business other then a black business.

Now I've had three experiences with black business in Washington,DC which I don't care to mention, but I will say this: 1 out  3 got boycotted and a petition with at least 75 person(s) signatures. I feel another thing that a Black Business face is when it's been in the community for years WE have spent money and told family and friends about this business. The Community has help it's growth in sales and its development within the area in which WE don't have to go outside our community to look for vegan foods, health products or physical fitness. The Downfall comes when a Black business or its owner gets TOO BIG or BIG HEADED thinking he/she has arrive when people who aren't non-blacks and Hispanics patron the business. They start to cater or lean towards breaking his/her backs to make the non-blacks and Hispanics feel more comfortable to the point of making US very uncomfortable or less appreciate, when we have there from the beginning. Now that is furnish with fine tables,carpet, and looks wonderful on the inside. YOU want to treat US like we don't matter. 

In conclusion, I feel that Customer SERVICE should out weigh race creed or color,but in some cases black business owners rather allow other forces to bring imbalance to serving the people.

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