03 June 2011

#109 Blog: A True Story about "Angela"

The Story you are about to read is 100 % True but the name has changed to hide the Identity of the person, so  lets call her "Angela". She grew up in the early 70's and was adored by the neighborhood elders that raise her to be consciences and aware of her community in which she lived. During the 80's "Angela" became a rebel without a pause, activist for the people and a voice of salvation among her peers. Angela and I went to elementary,Jr high and High School together. We use to talk about the latest events that effected Black America. I learned so much for this young lady....but after graduation things started to change; we didn't hang out like we use to and that bothered me.

During the mid-nineties she began straying of the righteous path and became closed-minded to the world and the community which feed her plates of Freedom,Love and Revolution. **Side note** "Angela" got used and abuse during this time by others outside the community. These people pimp,used,whore and even paraded her has a sexual play toy. I still loved her no matter what her downfalls were. I hated her for allowing OTHERS to control her emotions and ideas, but i knew that hating "ANGELA" wasn't going to bring her back home to the people that truly loved her. Until 2000 (something) i saw her with blond hair,bleach skin,booty shorts and talking foul to a couple of elders in the park. I shouted "ANGELA"!!!!

 Angela: Featuring Persia Red & Queen Divinity by Enoch 7th Prophet

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