17 June 2011

#111 Blog: The Metaphyiscal thoughts of The Fugees & D.P.E. Concept



 and Aset

In Blog #108 the titled referred to the Hiphop group D.P.E as the Re-birth of The Fugees with the last blog i didn't dive deep into the metaphysical part of the reason WHY i said that....So in this blog i will make it my soul possible to  give you some insight...
First let me explain the picture above so you can have some light while traveling on this DPE path.

These Kemetic figures are the Holy Trinity of Ancient Days. The Greeks raided Kemet and called it Egypt and change the name of out African Ancestors to say:

It was even taking a step further to remove the women (Aset-Isis) from writings to NOW Read:
The Father, Son and the Holy Ghost (( which is Aset)) but now she's a ghost to be unseen and heard.. Side note: My grandma says that The Holy Ghost was a she and it's real....

Throughout HIStory the woman has been unseen and heard via books,stories,western culture and even music....until hiphop groups like (Digable Planets and Fugees) emerged on the scene which each group represented the "Holy Trinity but time came and went and so did the groups I mentioned. Maybe the powers that be wanted to destroy the energy of these groups because they saw the Holy Trinity raising from the ashes....*shrugs shoulders*

As time pushed fwd we notice that Digable Planets haven't drop a group project since 1993 Reachin' (A New Refutation of Time and Space) & BlowOut Comb" in 1994 and Fugees drop"Blunted Reality" in 1994 an the classic "Score" that was released 1996. Each group set a high bar for music and creativity doing the golden era of Hiphop until Break-up's to never make up's occurred... Well we ALL know the story....L-boogie and Wyclef can't see eye to eye ..Pras is doing him; whatever that is (No disrespect) I just didn't follow the brother's career after the Fugees. In 2011 no other Hiphop group at the caliber of either Digable Planets nor Fugees have emerged from the ashes...until May 5th 2010 A.C.E in Washington DC where all the kemtic symbol reside..

Metaphysically speaking:
Asur (Darngood)
Heru (Enoch)
Aset (Poc)

@Follow me....Darngood and Enoch 7th Prophet switch roles in the energy of Asur/Heru cause the mission is to show dimensions of the man being a father or Son both being produced by the Aset/
Princess of Controversy who is the Mother,Protector and MAAT that balance the group.

Check out the single "ILL-LUMINATE" 
 Ill-luminate (Produced by DJ MentPlus) by DPEmusic 

To be continued.........

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