27 March 2012

They See Dollar$, Time 2 get paid......

Peace and Blessings,
I will make this short and SWEET. The Ancestors whisper to me about 45mins ago after looking at a person's photos album taking from a rally in Florida.  I was drawn to a particular photo that the zoom in on  a person holding up a bag of skittles and Arizona ice tea (in memory of..). This has been a somewhat logo or brand along with wearing a hoodie, that people around the united states have been doing to show our support. Please understand what I'm about to point out has everything to do with US and Trayvon's Family.

#1. Since Feb 25th the stocks on Mars Incorporated Company which makes and produced "Skittles" has went though the roof. Why? because WE have went to the store(s) to purchase IT and showing our support (we are loving people and the companies feed off that).

Jacqueline Mars is one of Mars children who currently placed the 52th in Forbes billionaires list together with her two brothers. In 2012, her wealth is rising to US$13.5 billion from US$11 billion last year. Mars family is the family which owns Mars Inc. which holds popular brands such as Snickers, M&M, Milky Ways, Skittles, and 3 Musketeers.

Photo by Jayye_status on Flickr

#2. Since Feb 25th the stocks in Arizona Ice Tea have went up to. Oh by the way the makers of Arizona Ice Tea are:

Ferolito, Vultaggio & Sons' Hornell Brewing Co. was earning annual revenues of about $10 million, when, in 1992, FV&S launched the less controversial product--AriZona Iced Tea--that was to make its fortune. Some 200 ready-to-drink teas had been introduced in the previous two years, produced by such industry giants as Lipton and Snapple, but AriZona stood out for its pastel-colored packaging, vaguely reminiscent of Native American artwork, and its jumbo 24-ounce can.http://www.fundinguniverse.com/company-histories/Ferolito-Vultaggio-amp;-Sons-company-History.html )

I read online that Skittles and Arizona made a statement about how sorry there were of the unfortunate tragedy of Trayvon Martin and they send their condolences to the family. In hind sight that was the right business move for the companies to make, but business is business and the companies will use this to continue to make profit. Why? you ask because WE keep running to the stores to purchase these items making these companies richer by the hour. I can't and won't forget  about the party promoters that will ALSO see this as a money making tool, not to raise money for the family but to put those same DEAD presidents in his/her pockets.

I'm very sad and hurt that the M.E.D.I.A has taught by Professor Griff means: (Multi-Ethic Destruction in America) has made it a race issue , now they are making the victim out to be a bad person.

Lets Devote healing energies to both families.
Lets Devote time of self reflection and value in humanity.


added note: they will created a marketing idea to tug the hearts of the people to become more richer. If the companies decided to created a Foundation for Treyvon in support of what happen, trust and believe its a motive behind it.


  1. This is sad, the situation of course...I did support in my own way, through my prayers and words. I do not drink tea and never liked skittles. I did not take a hooded picture or attend the ralley. I am grateful for all those who did. But your right, raising the stocks on theses companies and making them richer solves nothing. A homeless person could have used that money to get a meal. The flyer posted, ok I am disgusted...Zimmerman made it about race in his 911 tape.

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  3. I agree Sister. Zimmerman was taught that via mainstream and other means to profile people. They say Zimmerman is a Latin American "correct"? but i don't know any of my Latin brothers or Sisters with the last name of Zimmerman.