25 April 2012

MUSIC must be JAH.....

Peace and Energy,

Thank you for taking the time from your busy iLife to read my blog. In today's blog i want to focus on my travels via the music industry ( on the independent level). Ever since 1989 I've been involve in what i call HIPHOP culture. At the age of 5 years old I taught myself how to play all persuasion instruments. Being raise by my grandma and going to church every Sunday,Wed, Friday,Saturday nights and listening to her preach about how "God is happy when a person praise HIM through song and worship" ; this message stuck with me throughout myself defining travels. I began to lean towards the importance of producing lyrics that would do such a thing. In the baby stages of this mission it was difficult, but as i got wiser and feed my mind with positive things i.e. books,music and anything that would expand my views, the lyrics and words began to flow with no problem. I actually give thanks to my loving grandma and moms for that inspiration of truth; in my wiser age i give thanks to the strong men in iLife that gave me that encouragement. Now since you know a little bit about Enoch 7th Prophet. I present to the world TWO New Records I've been sitting on for awhile.

This record features (IyahGift) a native of Ibadan, Nigeria by way of Kingston Jamaica. I met this Brother a couple of years ago when he was living in washington dc. We manage to stay in contact after he move out of Babylon. I sent the produced track by (Ardamus) and IyahGift record his verse and the hook. After hearing what my brother record i knew i have to come with the same about of FiRE!!... Enjoy..

Night Nurse:
This record was and still is a reggae classic song by the late Gregory Isaac. After soul searching and wanting to do something different on a musical plane. I sent out an S.O.S to a few producers and nobody could produce the record i needed. Until i told (SelectaMEEKs) about this idea i had she then link me with a brother by the name of (Addis Swaby) who sent me massive chunes (tunes). I must admit i sat on those chunes (tunes) for a very long time. After my 2 weeks stay in Jamaica and returning to the states. I began to study and record this song. In the mist i was unsure how to approach it, so i called on African Ancestors for guidance and strength.........and so  my re-make re-make of "Night Nurse" was born.....enjoy.

Release Today: 4-25-12

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