05 September 2012

Pro-Seeds 2013 Calendar Infomercial

Peace and Light Everyone!!
I apologize for neglecting my duties of blogging but I've been very busy with photography and music for the last couple of months. My newest project as been shooting an up coming calendar to raise money and awareness for prostate cancer. Oh by the Way the whole month of SEPTEMBER is PROSTATE CANCER AWARENESS MONTH and with that being said:

Eight Months ago . I started creating and shooting this calendar to help spread the word,awareness and raise money for prostate cancer. The many gifted and lovely ladies who were selected for this project pulled together to make this project a wonderful success. They were very professional and patient throughout this entire process...

So Meet the Calendar Models for the Pro-Seeds Project 2013

DJ Earth 1NE
Chanelle Denise
Sarafina Allen
Mo (inthemixwithtre)
Persia RED
Opal Rose
Shaundra Oliver
Emily (not shown)
Nat ( not shown)
Keisha (not shown)

Make up artist:
Tonique of Tall blk beauty
Jackie of Soul Chic Boutique
Tia of Splash of Beauty

More info:
Facebook: The Pro-Seeds Project
Twitter: @proseedsproj
E-mail: theproseedsproject@gmail.com

Check it out.....

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